Ignacio (Nacho) Martin-Granizo

Nacho is a Principal Acoustic Consultant who joined RSKA in 2016. He has over 8 years’ professional experience in sound, noise and vibration. He has led the delivery of sound, noise and vibration surveys, models, assessments, specifications, monitoring and management plans to enable the consent, design and construction of millions of pounds worth of transport, residential and industrial/energy development in the UK.

In the construction sector Nacho has provided specialist noise and vibration input to support a number of cable and gas diversion works associated with HS2, as well as construction works for Crossrail, Midland Metro Alliance and the rail modernisation programme in Wales and England. Nacho has also provided specialist noise and vibration input to support the development of a number of road related schemes in the UK. In the industry and energy sectors, Nacho has recently delivered noise assessments to support planning consent applications for microgeneration sites in the north of England and modifications to a steel plant in South Wales. He has also been involved in the noise assessment for the operation of a number of wind-turbine developments in Wales and Scotland.