In Memory of Philip Hankin

This page is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend and colleague who sadly passed away in the Summer of 2020.

Philip joined Cole Jarman in 1998 and in 2013 took over as Managing Director. His achievements in the field of acoustics were many and varied, with perhaps his key role in the design and delivery of the Francis Crick Institute in Euston being one of the proudest technical achievements of his career.

Philip was always ready to help us see the funny side of things and keep a level of gentle banter going in the office. Philip was a great friend, dedicated husband, loving father, expert acoustician, keen biker, man of faith, and just a thoroughly nice chap.

Blair Associates Architecture Ltd have worked with Philip for some 20 years and in our opinion, he is amongst the best if not the best in his field and with his outstanding professionalism there was humour and an enormous warm heart.

Blair Associates Architecture

I was a friend of Phil's from Uni. Pre-children, Phil, myself and Martin Coulter went on various holidays together. Martin had organised a big trip cycling around major cols in the French Alps, in July 2001. We started and ended in Geneva - a big night out after all the hard work, before going home, was where a friend of mine, Sarah, brought along one of her workmates. And that is where Phil first met Louise, his wife!

Andrew Carey

Mountain Mayhem

Always ready for some fun

Phil was a true gentleman of our industry.

Dan Saunders

I had the pleasure of working with Phil on the project at the Royal College of Music for about the last 5yrs, on and off.  Phil was always very welcoming and could see around a problem, this is especially helpful when the project is to design performance spaces and other acoustically critical spaces where detailing was paramount. I met him on site for some site visits and he was always very friendly to all concerned, he had time to explain the details to everyone even when the questions seemed silly at the time of asking.

I will remember him for his joyful smile which could be even heard down the telephone through his voice.

Victoria Landeryou

It is so incredibly sad to lose this giant of a man who was so incredibly kind and good natured. Phil was a lovely man and a great business leader who will be missed by us all in the leadership team at RSK, and I am sure by all those that Phil worked with – both inside the company and outside, amongst our clients.

I really enjoyed every meeting and call I had with Phil; nothing was too much trouble and he was so incredibly considerate and thoughtful. Our Group is a much poorer place without Phil and he will be sorely missed by us all.

Alan Ryder

Phil was working with us at Balliol College on the Master’s Field project since 2015 and was incredibly helpful, friendly and pro-active.

Holly Galbraith

It was a pleasure working and laughing with Phil over the last seven years I spent at Cole Jarman and I will always remember the support and encouragement he gave me.

Josh Palmer

I had the pleasure of working with Philip on The Royal London Hospital project whilst with Skanska and on the Birmingham Womens Hospital whilst with Kier. He was a proper Professional in every sense of the word and an absolute pleasure to have worked with. Such a sad loss.

Ray Handy

Phil was a pleasure to work with and even during such tough times as recent he did it with great humour and I very much enjoyed the teams calls we had.

Kate Pine

I had come across Philip professionally as a fellow acoustic consultant and had always got on well with him and his reasonable and pragmatic approach.

Rachel Canham

It is with great sadness to hear the news. Philip was one of the best acousticians I have the pleasure of knowing and worked with on a number of projects including the Royal London Hospital and the Francis Crick Institute. He made acoustics interesting and simple to understand. Philip will be badly missed!!

Tom Leung

When Lucy ended up in a ditch in her car in the Surrey Hills one winter, the phone call came through to me at work. Phil immediately offered his help to tow her out of the ditch and though not necessary, he drove to Guildford hospital and waited there with me until Lucy and her friend arrived by ambulance. He stayed with me until Lucy was discharged from hospital. He was so kind and caring and I will never forget how he moved into action to do everything he could to take away the worry and distress I was feeling at the time.

Ann Richardson

I am desperately sad to hear of the news of Phil’s passing. He has been a reliable and hugely beneficial assistance to me,  TGA and our clients for many years, as well as being a thoroughly decent, honest and personable man. I will sorely miss his presence.

Tim Greenwood

I had the pleasure in meeting and working alongside Philip on a couple of projects that we were both involved with.  His knowledge and warmth shown to me will never be forgotten.  We also shared the same passion for motorcycles and often swapped tales of our adventures.

Paul Constable

Motorbike Chain

Track Day

Cricket Umpire

What’s the hat about?

I met Philip when he did work for us at the Russian Ballet School, now the School of Classical Russian Ballet, some six years ago. Philip was instrumental in doing away with spurious and unfounded accusations and helping us achieve an exceptional planning permission for the school. As I came to appreciate he did so in character with absolute dignity and kindness but resolutely and honestly. I came to admire Philip and valued him highly professionally and as an individual of great worth.

He was a one of a kind and I am very honoured to have worked with him.

Harriet Pickering

Building the Bike Shed

I have known Philip for over 15-years through several projects, but principally the Francis Crick Institute, where we had both been involved since day 1 of the project. Indeed, I was only chatting with him about the more recent work we have both been involved in there in the last month or so. I am truly saddened by the news and my thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time.

Paul Willmott

Philip was a pleasure to work with on the Print Hall and Unity Street in Bristol – the Design Team meetings were always a better place when he was there.

David Gabe

I was very sad to learn today of the sudden passing of my dear childhood friend “Hank”. Although we hadn’t spoken in many years, (I moved to the U.S. in the mid nineties and currently reside in Chicago), Hank lived up the road from me on Westgate throughout our school years and we were friends from infant school at Stamford Park all the way through Sixth Form at Altrincham Grammar School.  We sat next to each other in French and I remember we laughed a lot, much to the chagrin of our teacher.  Although our French suffered as a result, given the fond memories it was well worth it.

He was far more sensible and grown up than me back then and I always looked up to him, both physically and intellectually. There was nothing he couldn’t fix or build, and he would strip and repair Moggy engines for fun as a teenager while I would ride a bike or read comics.

He was also a great athlete even from a young age and unbeatable in a sprint. He excelled at rugby and I would argue he was one of the strongest lads in school and probably even in Aberdeen. Yet he was always a gentle giant and I never once saw him get angry or say a bad word about anyone.

The world is missing one of its kindest humans, and I will never forget him.

Mark Davids

It was my privilege to have got to know him a little, and to have had his help and support for a couple of my projects. What a lovely man he was.

John Flynn

I was a school friend and spent much time with Phil during our teens.  He was a genuinely lovely chap, who was fair and balanced with people.

Whilst at Altrincham Grammar School (AGS), there used to be a small group of pupils who did weight training before school in the gym and Phil was in the group.  I managed to break into the group for a short while, but found the early morning a bit too much so decided to do my exercise later in the day. In all the years I knew Phil, I tried to become as strong as him and lift as much, but alas, I couldn’t ever do it.  He was a powerhouse from the first day I met him and adding to that the weight training, there was no chance for the rest of us mortals!

I know that all the boys in our year who went to AGS will remember Phil as a lovely, HUGE man as you couldn’t miss him.  Intelligent, strong and caring and held in high regard by pupils and teachers alike.   He will be sadly missed.

James Donnison

Cycle Trip in France

Phil was FUNNY, wickedly, spontaneously, genuinely, inappropriately and consistently funny. You could hear his laugh two floors away, you could hear it during lunchtime chatter, you could hear it during board meetings and you could hear it during annual reviews. Phil had the great knack of finding humour in almost anything and anyone, but if you happened to be the object of it, and we all were at one time or another, it never seemed malicious.

Vernon Cole

I feel such a privileged individual to have known Philip and shared such an awesome working relationship with him.

I first met Philip at Richard Rogers Office and felt to be such a young inexperienced architect with not much knowledge in the field of acoustics. Somehow Philip managed to enlighten my mind with construction detailing and heart with laugher!

I’m very grateful for his friendship and wanted to express my gratitude. I sometimes would just call Philip for the craic! Be it a moan, banter or natter or last minute stress about the insane project we were working on.

Without doubt, Philip became a ‘go-to’ friend who just could tell me – ‘don’t worry Eleanora, everything will be ok’.

Eleanora Bressi

It is with great sadness that I learnt of Philips recent passing.  He was a genuinely nice man who was extremely helpful and I learnt a lot about acoustics from him on one project alone.

Vicky Mansell

ANC Award for the Francis Crick Building

Philip was always a pleasure to deal with in a work sense and a real gentleman.  I will remember him best for the acoustic cup football competitions.  He was always the first to reply in our call for teams, and I loved the way he approached the competition with so much enthusiasm.  Not daunted by some big losses in the early years he always had a smile on his face and came back for more the next year.  He really valued getting his work colleagues and acousticians together and having fun.  I am pleased he got to see the team lift a trophy in the last competition.

John Campbell

Track Day

I have distinct memories of working with Philip on the Francis Crick Institute. His arrival into the project office started with a big smile, a big handshake and warm words. Working with him was effortless inasmuch as we got on with the job in hand in an easy collaborative fashion. Certain people stick out on long complex projects for this very reason and Philip was always a pleasure to work with. He will be missed.

Judith Sayers

I worked with Phil only a couple of times. One of these was when writing and using the healthcare acoustic design guide, HTM08-01 Acoustics, and the other when I was the contractor’s acoustic consultant on the Francis Crick Institute. I found him to be professional, pragmatic, experienced and calm and enjoyed working with him.

Richard Budd

I always found him friendly, supportive, thorough and determined to do the right thing. More latterly I have not been so closely involved but I recall Phil always had a smile and was genuinely interested as to how things were going.

Brian Lewis

There are few people you meet in life that are inspirational in the way Phil was: I didn’t aspire to be like Phil, but Phil made me aspire to become more of who I am.

Tim Street

At a Cole Jarman Meal

Whilst I didn’t have the pleasure of working with Phil directly during my career, I did have the opportunity of meeting Phil at numerous IOA events he attended, and I sat at papers he presented at conferences. I was always impressed by his technical delivery of his subject matter and his clear passion for furthering the discipline. I’ll always remember his beaming smile and personable character, as we spoke during institute meetings.

Alex Krasnic

Throughout my interactions with him, I remember thinking “what a wise and kind individual Philip is”. He had so many good words to say about all of his colleagues.  He was organised in his thinking and his approach. He exuded a mixture of bonhomie and professionalism that was just perfect for the role. He hadn’t an insincere bone in his body. His style was collaborative and enabling.

He spoke so fondly of his life outside of work - his adored family - and how he wanted to maintain balance and ensure he was focused on what mattered most in life.

There are some rare people in life who make a genuinely lasting positive impression, who are a role model in how to be.  Philip was one of those.

Jim McLaughlin

Thanks for all of the good times when I was at Cole Jarman. Among other memories, I remember isolating your keyboard with Nerf Gun pellets to try and mitigate the pneumatic drum of your typing.

Matthew White

It was a real pleasure working with Philip - a gentle giant character who brought humour and warmth to meetings.

Scapolan and Burney Architects

I only had the pleasure of meeting him a few times on a project in Knightsbridge , but was instantly drawn on what a lovely guy he was, extremely personable a gentle character. Our love of biking quickly came up in conversation and we were due someday to get out for a ride together. Maybe we will get to do that in the next place. For sure, he has been taken way too soon.

Martin Raisborough

I was at school with ‘Hank’ and we were also bandmates for a brief period when a group was brought together to perform at our 6th Form Leaving Do with Hank on bass. Rehearsals as well as the handful of performances we did were a lot of fun. From what I remember he even made a bass guitar. He was a very popular lad at the Grammar School, probably more popular than he realised with a slightly dry sense of humour.

One of my earliest memories of Hank was him shaking my Sony Walkman as fast and hard as he could to test the anti-rolling mechanism of it, I just about got it back in one piece. I guess his interest in acoustics had already begun to show.

David Burgess

Phil was always a pleasure to be with. He played a major part in developing the company and his engaging personality meant that socials will always be remembered as very happy occasions, especially the weekends spent away together.

Neil Jarman

ANC Football Championship

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