James Donnison

I was a school friend and spent much time with Phil during our teens.  He was a genuinely lovely chap, who was fair and balanced with people.

Whilst at Altrincham Grammar School (AGS), there used to be a small group of pupils who did weight training before school in the gym and Phil was in the group.  I managed to break into the group for a short while, but found the early morning a bit too much so decided to do my exercise later in the day. In all the years I knew Phil, I tried to become as strong as him and lift as much, but alas, I couldn’t ever do it.  He was a powerhouse from the first day I met him and adding to that the weight training, there was no chance for the rest of us mortals!

I know that all the boys in our year who went to AGS will remember Phil as a lovely, HUGE man as you couldn’t miss him.  Intelligent, strong and caring and held in high regard by pupils and teachers alike.   He will be sadly missed.