An Update on Cole Jarman and Coronavirus

Over recent months Cole Jarman has been working hard to maintain the prompt and high quality services our Clients expect despite the ongoing coronavirus situation, and we are pleased to see the start of a path opening to more normal times. We’d like to thank all who we work with for your continued support and understanding.

We will be continue to follow UK government recommendations with respect to home working and have been able to continue with much of our site survey/testing/inspection works (subject to appropriate coronavirus control measures being in place).

What were considered typical noise conditions before the effects of coronavirus are still yet to return, meaning the validity of environmental noise survey works is still somewhat limited. The use of alternative noise data, in combination with surveys where appropriate, however allows us to undertake assessment works as normal to assist with the timely delivery of projects.   We have been working with reduced staffing, with some staff on furlough and others observing four day working weeks, but are now looking forward to a return to a more normal capacity in the coming months.  

As always, if you have a general query and do not know who to contact, please email us at and your message will be forwarded to the relevant person. Our normal phone and email contact channels are all functioning as normal.