Cole Jarman win Plate in Acoustics Cup

In their first game of the day the Cole Jarman team, led by Captain Andy Emery, managed to forge out a spectacular 0-0 draw against RBA Acoustics. From this humble beginning, the score lines kept increasing with Johnny Berrill scoring the team’s first goal during the second match. This stunning show of sporting prowess was only slightly over shadowed by the 4 goals scored by Anderson Acoustics leading to an impressive 4-1 loss.

Undeterred Cole Jarman’s warriors continued the brave fight well into their third match of the day and through the use of well thought out tactics from the managers, the unique skills of the players and the results of a grueling army style training regime, managed to net an impressive 3-0 loss against Campbell Associates.

Away from the stresses of the main competition Andy had an inspirational talk with the team leading everyone giving 110% with Johnny Berrill scoring a stunning second goal and Ben Harper providing one of his own to end the plate semi-final with an impressive 2-0 win against MLM.

Spurred on by his new found scoring skill Ben Harper went into the Plate final with goals on his mind and scored 2 gems against CDC. Andy Emery finished things off with a goal of his own to lead his team to a 3-0 win.

Congratulations to Stansted Environmental for winning the cup and we look forward to playing again next year.