Cole Jarman Celebrates One Year in Manchester

We are proud to announce that our Manchester office is now one year old. It’s been an exciting year for everyone involved and we are delighted to report that it is going from strength to strength. This has included welcoming additional staff to support the existing team due to high demand for our services.

Since opening the office, we have worked on a number of significant projects such as Phase 2 of the Media City development which will bring a significant number of new residential and commercial buildings to the area. We have been supporting the reserved matters planning applications by conducting noise surveys and impact assessments to ensure that the noise environment will be suitable both for the new and existing dwellings. In addition to this, we have been working on the internal acoustic design for the first of many new residential blocks to be built as part of the development.

Media City at Dusk Cole Jarman (Medium) Media City, Salford

We have provided assistance to Allerdale Council in setting noise limits from a proposed new car testing track. The development had previously been given planning permission based on details provided by the developer but a judicial review determined that additional noise controls were required to protect the amenity of people living close to the site.  Taking into account the previously set planning requirements and the outcome of the judicial review, we provided guidance and support to the Council and agreed new limits for the track. The proposed new limits, which were accepted by the developer, gave the council sufficient confidence to permit the development to proceed.

M-sport proposed Track Proposed M-Sport Test Track, Cockermouth

In addition to the projects above we have completed the acoustic design and a planning assessment for a new industrial training facility in the north west, full design and commissioning for the new Light Cinema in Bolton, a hotel refurbishment in Liverpool and various other industrial, commercial and residential projects within the North of England and Scotland.

The Light Bolton The Light Cinema, Bolton

By opening our new office, we have been able to improve and expand the service that we provide to our existing clients who operate in the region. Projects involving retail units, gyms and takeaway units have particularly benefited from our faster response time and reduced costs where timely planning application submission is crucial.

We move into our second year of operation in Manchester with a significant number of new and exciting projects lined up and look forward to building upon our existing success to further develop the Cole Jarman northern office. If you would like to discuss any projects where we can be of assistance, please contact Matthew Heyes on 0161 209 3644 or at