Company Away Day 2014

On Friday 6th June, the Cole Jarman team came together  for the company’s annual  away day. The day included  a number of presentations made by members of the team in the morning,  followed by a mystery activity in the afternoon…

On returning from lunch, the staff were met by eight huge crates, full of Lego and a challenge: to the build the longest, free standing bridge built solely from 2 x 4 blocks of Lego. With the staff carefully split into four teams, the construction began.

Many thanks to Duncan Titmarsh from Bright Bricks for running the activity and congratulations to Vernon, Matt White and Lee for constructing the bridge with the longest span, reaching an enormous 3.2 metres!

Cole Jarman Yellow Lego Bridge 2

Cole Jarman Red Lego Bridge

Cole Jarman Blue Lego Bridge