Cole Jarman at MIPIM

Vernon attended MIPIM this year.  It took some persuasion to get him to spend a week in Cannes, socialising the Clients and Colleagues, rather than beavering away in the office, but it was worth it.

The weather was glorious, the accommodation superb and the range of events on offer extensive to the point of being rather bewildering. When you get 20,000+ members of the UK construction industry all congregating in a location famous for sun, sea and superyachts and all intent on maximising their face time with contacts, both old and new, it creates a buzz that is rarely seen on a day to day basis.  It’s no wonder it has become a must do in so many peoples’ calendars.

The mood this year was upbeat, with the vast majority of participants claiming that the quantity and quality of projects coming on stream was cause for real optimism. ‘About time’ many were saying, given the doldrums experienced during the recent downturn. As a result the atmosphere was very positive and real interest was shown in us and the services we are able to offer. It was good to see some old friends, but equally good to meet so many new faces who it is hoped will turn out to be long term colleagues.

Thanks are due to Norman Taylor of Avocet consulting for some superb organisation and fulfilling the role of seasoned campaigner, with plenty of tips and advice on how to maximise the MIPIM experience. Thanks are also due to the housemates such as Ray McCauley and Neville Onan Reid, with whom a magnificent villa was shared, who ensured the socialising was not limited to the official venues.

Vernon Cole MIPIM 2014 Villa   MIPIM 2014 Sunset